Colon Hydrotherapy Package

Includes : 6 sessions scheduled every day. Main function of the colon to dehydrate already digested food that comes to the colon from small intestine and introduce water minerals and electrolytes to the body. This constant process of dehydration in your colon is happening with help of good bacteria that lives in the colon. Lining tissue in the colon always produces bacteria on the food received if your colon have lots of very dehydrated build up it takes time for lining tissue to recognize food received. When you have serious of colonics you are gently hydrating buildup and flashing your colon from toxinss without damaging lining tissue. You also exercising colon muscles and hydrating your body. To summarize: it is a master cleanse and boot camp for your colon at the same time. We offer series of 6 colonics with price of 5 *Click here to read about the benefits.


Colonic plus Therapeutic Massage Package

Includes: Having Therapeutic Massage prior Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment helps to release better in the colonic session *Click here to read about the benefits.


Colonic plus Body Wrap Package

Includes: Having Colonic with following body wrap helps to drain toxins out of your body and clean your lymph nodes. *Click here to read about the benefits.


Ultimate Hair Treatment

Includes: Single Color Process with Framesi Color plus Deep Conditioning Mask on hair for 15 to 20 minutes under Dryer plus Haircut And Blow Dry or Flat Iron or Curl. Takes 2 hours for hair shorter then shoulders . If longer hair , may take up to 3 hours with additional charge for length *Click here to read about the benefits.